Grant Vetter, Program Director & Head Curator

Grant Vetter is the Program Director at Fine Art Complex 1101. He has been curating exhibitions for more than a decade in Los Angeles and Phoenix around issues of abstraction, capitalism, identity and environmental concerns. He is also an art critic, writer and the author of The Architecture of Control (Zero Books, 2012). He was the former Program director of the Arizona State University gallery system and continues to teach curatorial studies and art criticism at ASU today. He was a former board member of Fine Art Resources in Los Angeles and has since become the Curatorial Programs Coordinator for Artlink. He holds advanced degrees from the European Graduate School (EGS), University of California, Irvine (UCI), the Critical Theory Institute (CTI) and he completed his Post-Doc work in curatorial studies in the International Curators Program (ICP) at the NODE Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin. 

Molly Koehn, Director of Publishing & Design

Molly Koehn is the Director of Publishing and Design at Fine Art Complex 1101, bringing 10+ years experience to her position. Her time as the Editor-in-Chief of The University Leader, contributing writer to The Hays Daily, and copy editor for The Haskell County Monitor Chief have given her a strong background in publishing, while her design background has been learned through freelance work with clients like Curator Engine, Global 3D Arts and assisting artists like Adrienne Jenik and Kris Kuksi. Koehn is also an accomplished artist, curator, and teacher having received her BFA in Studio Art from Fort Hays State University and her MFA in Studio Art from Arizona State University. She has served as the Chief Curator for Curator Engine, has participated in multiple residencies including the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and Pentaculum at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, and is the President of Houston's weaving guild, The Contemporary Handweavers of Houston. She teaches art workshops regularly throughout Houston and the  United States.

Mike Jacobs, Director of Operations

Mike Jacobs is the Director of Operations at Fine Art complex 1101 and has exhibited his work nationally and internationally for more than two decades. Jacobs helped organize many exhibitions with fellow artists in his home town of Cincinnati that focused on themes like hybridized aesthetics, chaos and decay, constructed materials, found objects, proto-pop combines, post-painterly abstraction, pop iconography, transcendentalism, graffiti, text works and memes. Jacobs is also  the head preparator at Eric Fischl Gallery where he teaches 2-D design and color theory at Phoenix Community College. He has exhibited recently in Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, Germany, Ecuador, and many other spaces, as well as having been the recipient of the Gayle J. Novak & Robert D. Cocke Award in Painting and the Martin Wong Foundation Scholarship in painting. He holds a BFA from the University of Cincinnati and an MFA from Arizona State University and is currently represented by Bentley Gallery.


Virginia Broersma, Career Advisor & Professionalization Specialist

Virginia Broersma is a Los Angeles based artist whose work is based around the representation of the human form in figurative painting and how this influences perceptions of value and individual and collective behavior. Broersma is also the founder of The Artist's Office, which exists to support artists in moving forward towards their professional and personal goals for their art practice. Broersma has exhibited extensively in LA as well as across the US and internationally, and also takes on select curatorial, writing and public art projects that relate to her interests in the studio and her work with other artists. Broersma has been the recipient of several grants including funding from the Arts Council for Long Beach and  the Puffin Foundation and received her BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design. 


Formally established in 2014, Fine Art Complex 1101 is devoted to promoting contemporary art from around the world. Housed in a landmark building by modernist architect Will Bruder, FAC 1101 consists of four adjoining exhibition spaces including a Main Gallery, a Project Room, the New Media Arts Center and a Public Works Space on University Drive which gets traffic in excess of 20,000+ viewers day. In additon to these on-site facilities FAC 1101 also supports off-site projects at varied auxillary spaces, temporary sites and autonomous zones for interventionist actions. Discussion groups and film screenings, health and wellness activities, lectures and presentations are all a part of our regular offereings. There is also an Arts Research Library of more than 4000+ books at the Tempe location with another 10,000+ books in storage that can be accessed by request.

FAC 1101 was founded on the notion of growing the autonomy of artists, both personally and professionally. Originally concieved in 2009, FAC 1101 had three prior locations under the name Autonomie Arts. The first of these was in east Los Angles, the second was in downtown and the third was in mid-city before moving to Tempe, Arizona, and rebranding as Fine Art Complex 1101. As an institution that began with just a few hundred square feet of space, we upgraded the size of our facilities and offerings with each move in order to support more expansive programs. Selected by City of Tempe for 'Best in Exhibitions' and recognized by the Phoenix New Times for "addressing topics at the forefront of American culture such as racism, sexism and climate change", FAC 1101 remains committed to developing progressive programming that challenges how we think about the intersection of culture and society today.



Jeff Cabot, Modfied Arts, D-Block Projects

Andi Compognone, Landcaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH)

Ciara Ennis, Pitzer College Art Gallery

Luis G Hernandez. San Diego State Gallery & Co-Founder Mexi-Cali Biennial

Ichiro Irie, Jaus Gallery

David Michael Lee, Coastline Community Gallery

Julie Lee, Catalina Island Museum Gallery

James MacDevitt, Cerritos College & Foundation for Art Resources

Max Presneill, Torrance Art Museum

Donna Napper, San Jose Insititute of Contemporary Art

Jason Ramos, Eastside International (ESLX)

Corrie Siegel, Museum of Neon Art (MONA)

Julia Swartz, Figure / Ground Communications

R.J. Ward, Vital Spaces




Rembrandt Quiballo, Assistant Director & Associate Curator

Rembrandt Quiballo is a visual artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Through the moving image, his work explores mass media and its effects on social and political history. Quiballo has been a practicing artist and advocate for the arts for more than a decade. He is the Arts Editor for JAVA Magazine and has written for Hyperallergic. He sits on the board of Artlink, a leading non-profit arts organization, as well as a member of its Artist Council. He assists with gallery exhibitions and photography/video production at Bentley Gallery.  Quiballo is the recipient of numerous awards, including the ASU GPSA Research Grant, The Society of Photographic Education Student Award, the Nathan Cummings Travel Fellowship and the Contemporary Forum Emerging Artist Grant. He holds a BFA in Painting and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Arizona and an MFA in Photography at Arizona State University.

Emmett Graham, Artist Coordinator

Emmett Graham is the Artist Coordinator at Fine Art Complex 1101. He is a Marine Corps Veteran with over ten years of experience with logistics.  He is also a practice artist who's work centers on Meso American culture with a connection to contemporary concerns. Graham is currently represented by {9} The Gallery where his exhibitions have foucused on the subjects of belief, Identity, and the environment.  He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting degree from ASU. Graham also has had training from an Atelier Workshop in drawing and painting from the Scottsdale Artists’s School in Scottsdale, AZ.


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