Craig Randich: Derivative

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 14th, 7-10pm.


Craig Randich’s text-based work is a vulnerable introspection into a personality steeped with linguistic anxieties, coping mechanisms and byproducts of survival behavior in the highly literate 21st century. Stemming from his own barriers with language comprehension, he brings attention to overlooked language disabilities that are often hidden by those who experience them. Randich’s playful – yet poignant – compositions come to life through large scale repetitions and plays on words, drawing inquiry from the literate and bringing dialogue to those who are fearful of their shortcomings. 




















Professionally, Randich’s work serves a dual purpose. As a Gallerist and Director for nearly two decades, he draws significantly from his own experiences in high-end gallery sales. His experience as a mediator between well-known artists and clients has offered him a uniquely critical vantage point from which to develop his own body of work. His seemingly beneficial proximity to the contemporary art world creates a dilemma as an artist himself. Issues with conflicts of interest, and his focus on the well-being of other artists creates a unique predicament for Randich. He is an artist whose existence is simultaneously intimate with the art world’s inner workings, yet his placement causes a tragic barrier from entry.



















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