Fine Art Complex 1101 presents a diverse program of local, national and international artists. The focus of the program is to support challenging and provocative contemporary art. The venue consists of four exhibition spaces including a Main Gallery, a Project Room, the New Media Arts Center and the Public Works Space on University Drive which gets traffic in excess of 10,000 viewers per day. The gallery works with artists to see their concepts realized through dialog, exchange and cooperation in a generative curatorial space.


FAC 1101 was founded on the notion of growing the autonomy of artists, both artistically and professionally. As an art institution FAC 1101 is dedicated to furthering the education of artists beyond the academy to help them further their careers as well as the influence that their work can have within cultural discourse and the world at large. Toward this end, Fine Art Complex 1101 is dedicated to exploring dynamic and transformative models for exhibiting and interacting with contemporary art. 


FAC 1101 supports both on-site and off-site projects, including but not limited to, public interventions, the use of auxillary spaces, the creation of pop-up events and occupying temporary sites in order to mobilize, politicize and address key issues in culture and society today. Discussion groups, health and wellness activities, lectures and presentations are all part of regular programming at FAC 1101. There is also a research facility on site of more than 2000+ books with another 10,000+ in storage about art and its relationship to history, politics, the economy, philosophy, and many other topics. 


FAC 1101 was founded to continue to explore the transformative effect that artistic practices and art institutions can have on the general mode of production that dominates culture today and to offer alternative models and propositions for how to best support and grow the infrastructure of arts organizations as well as the superstructure of govenmental, societal and educational agencies that influence the state of the arts in US and beyond. Central to this mission is the notion that creative economies already play a significant role in the progressive transformation of the dominant mode of production toward making sustianable economies of exchange and reciprocity. 


If you want to give a talk, screen a video or film, propose an exhibition, set up a studio visit, or simply get involved as an intern, fundraiser, or cultural influencer on behalf of Fine Art Complex 1101 please feel free to contact us.


Please realize that due to the high volume of requests that we receive that it may take us a while to get back to you. The most expedient means of getting in direct contact with us quickly is to come visit with any of our staff at our openings who are always here to field your questions and interests.








Programs Director: Grant Vetter

Programs Coordinator: Rembrandt Quiballo

Director of Operations: Mike Jacobs

Director of Publishing & Design: Molly Koehn





Andi Compognone, Museum Director/Curator, Lancaster Museum of Art and History.

Ciara Ennis, Director/Curator, Pitzer College Art Gallery.

Luis G. Hernandez, Gallery Director, San Deigo State University & Co-Founder, Mexi-Cali Biennial

Ichiro Irie, Curator/Program Director, Jaus Gallery

David Michael Lee, Gallery Curator, Coastline Community College.

Julie Lee, Executive Director, Catalina Island Museum.

Donna Napper, Curator, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

James MacDevitt, Curator, Cerritos College

Max Presneill, Curator, Torrance Museum of Art.

Jason Ramos, Curator/Program Director, Eastside International.

Julia Schwartz, Arts Editor, Figure/Ground Communications. 







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